Bad Wolves — Zombie (Official Video)

Official music video for 'Zombie' by Bad Wolves.
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Bad Wolves — Zombie (Lyrics):

Another head hangs lowly
Child is slowly taken
And the violence causes silence
Who are we mistaken?

But you see, it's not me
It's not my family
In your head, in your head, they are fighting
With their tanks, and their bombs
And their bombs, and their drones
In your head, in your head, they are crying

What's in your head, in your head?
Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie
What's in your head, in your head?
Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie, oh
Another mother's breakin'
Heart is takin' over
When the violence causes silence
We must be mistaken

It's the same old theme
In two thousand eighteen
In your head, in your head, they're still fightin'
With their tanks, and their bombs
And their guns, and their drones
In your head, in your head, they are dyin'

What's in your head, in your head?
Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie
What's in your head, in your head?
Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie, oh

It's the same old theme
In two thousand eight-teen
In your head, in your head, they're dyin'

What's in your head, in your head?
Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie
What's in your head, in your head?
Zombie, zombie, zombie-ie-ie,

Oh oh oh oh
Ie-ie, oh

Director: Wayne Isham
Concept/Editor: Ryan Ewing
Director of Photography: Martin Coppen
Producer: Dana Marshall
Production Company: Prime Zero Productions

© 2018 Eleven Seven Music Group

84 Комментарии
  1. Zaheer Sarang Говорит

    This is literally the first song I’ve heard of Bad Wolves and I’m instantly a fan

    1. 2x109 Говорит

      @Tony Z. Few known.

    2. Tony Z. Говорит

      Although they didn’t write it

    3. 2x109 Говорит


    4. Zamdra Mae Herreria Говорит

      I feel you.

  2. Better Noise Music Говорит

    Check out the new single by Bad Wolves — ‘Hear Me Now’ feat. Diamante —

    1. Christina Riggs Говорит

      @blödmann 10000
      Nothing eight 910 8 696 9178-9789 760

    2. Lotta Svensson Говорит

      @A M 333?????

    3. darkstar 10176 Говорит

      @A M 000

    4. A tank man- Говорит

      Nice vid

    5. Leaah weiss Говорит

      In your head eminem

  3. Noel Говорит

    Is not only a cover, is a tribute.

  4. Rachel Hagen Говорит

    Dolores couldn’t be there in person, but she was there in spirit.

    1. Bishop Leo Говорит

      I’m sure she is smiling looking down from Heaven

  5. Yggdrasil Говорит

    Normally I don’t like cover songs, but wow, this cover is incredible..

    1. lana cooper Говорит

      Me too

    2. sskamble Говорит


    3. Jeff Pecen Говорит

      I am among those not easily stirred by cover songs (what say of music if it does not touch our hearts and move our souls), but Bad Wolves does the original a great honor with their powerful tribute to Delores and the Cranberries.

    4. Christine Charles Говорит

      @Hans Nyström Pastor those who want to die are always cursed with life

    5. Milena Говорит


  6. Олег Габышев Говорит

    Раньше передавали эту песню ИК порту и перезаписывали кассеты, прекрасное время и классный кавер

    1. Борис Кузнецов Говорит

      И слушали так, чтобы другие слышали))

  7. Rob Anderson Говорит

    Children die in wars of power everyday. That’s the point. That’s the problem. Beautiful song. Beautiful cover. Let us never forget the message.

    1. Carl2016 Говорит

      Linkin park has a quote in one of their songs, «When the rich wage war it’s the poor who die». Honestly one of my favorite quotes and it rings true so often

  8. Flodo Hjöge Говорит

    This was more than 3 fucking years ago and im still crying to it. RIP

    1. MrHydeuc Говорит

      yes tears are floating

    2. Kaiden Dumas Говорит


    3. Dennis Bordon Говорит

      I feel ya…

    4. Татьяна Вязовикова Говорит

      And me …

    5. Ana Говорит

      Me too

  9. MsDaniMarie02 Говорит

    Some people might not like the slight changes in the lyrics. I read it was Dolores’ idea. Regardless, I think it’s so powerful. It brings attention to the fact that things haven’t changed, not only since this song was released but since over a century ago. We will be our own demise if we don’t pay attention.

    1. Mirrekala Говорит

      When I first heard this (not much after it was released) I immediately loved what they did. A small change to drive a message home. Gives the cover more meaning than «oh we just like the song so we covered it».

    2. Brand X Говорит

      Haven’t people been saying we’ll be our own demise for centuries, long before there was a US?
      Instead we’ve only grown in population. 7 billion plus people.
      Not that wars are good mind you.

  10. Евгени Томов Говорит

    R.I.P Dolores… This cover is the best way to honour her and her music!

    1. 09 Aritra Sinha VIII A Говорит

      This is even better than the original one

    2. Anders christensen Говорит


    3. Cristal Irizarry Говорит

      I strongly agree ?

    4. Honey Singh Говорит


    5. Anna K Говорит

      His voice is so deep and emotional, many layers to the despair in this song now! The hard rock music makes it real ???

  11. Перезагрузка Говорит

    Кто от Лео?

    1. Nat Говорит


    2. Анна Гордая Говорит


  12. A Soul That You Don't Want To Know Говорит

    This song isn’t dead, but it isn’t alive, its undead.. Its a zombie…

    1. claudia mila Говорит

      @A Soul That You Don’t Want To Know yeah my friend. I later understood what you meant.

    2. A Soul That You Don't Want To Know Говорит

      @claudia mila It wasn’t a joke but ok.

    3. claudia mila Говорит

      shut up……i’m trying to cry here and you made me laugh

    4. Nathan Thornhill Говорит

      @Mr Dude yeah you were but who’s to say the next person that says

      I want to kill myself

      Is simply “joking”

    5. Mr Dude Говорит

      @Nathan Thornhill sir I need you to calm down. It is all going to be ok. I would suggest a therapist. And tell me how exactly me stating that I was being sarcastic could possibly affect anyone else.

  13. Tristan Pack Говорит

    “Some people are never truly gone.”

    -Luke Skywalker

    1. MELLON HEAD Говорит

      they just become force ghosts

    2. Andrew DeLorenzo Говорит

      She spoke through Tommy when this was released, that is for certain.

    3. DATHUGE DUCK Говорит

      «some people are never truly gone»
      -Mark Hamill

    4. Sarah Schmieder Говорит

      And they never will be for you they are in your heart

    5. SoulTear The Smol Говорит

      Spartans are never lost….just Missing in action

  14. Van Shan Говорит

    To acquire the rights to a song is one thing, but to be hand selected by the original artist is another. Dolores heard the music and concluded that it was the point where she herself wanted to be part of it. I don’t see how it can get any more legit.

    1. 2x109 Говорит

      I vouch. ✊

    2. Denny Clark Говорит

      Thanks for donating the proceeds and rights to this song to her children.

    3. Isis McElroy Говорит

      @muddy hotdog they have plenty of original songs, but many people love their covers of classics which I cant personally blame them.

    4. muddy hotdog Говорит

      @Isis McElroy ya I know they do, I just look at them as a band that gets rich/popular off of other people’s work and talent though. Like you said people basically only know them from their covers. Edit- Nothing wrong with that, if you label yourself a cover band though.

    5. Isis McElroy Говорит

      @muddy hotdog agreed, I myself am a cover artist until I can finally write my own song that I dont hate?

  15. Anthony J Говорит

    being middle eastern, this song will never stop resonating

    1. Not Human Говорит

      I mean it is about a jesus christ last thoughts on the cross and the devil showed what humanity will do, and even Jesus wepted.
      But the song is about the troubles where 2 sects of Christianity had a 70 year long civil wall, for Jesus who said love your neighbor.
      Makes sense about the middle east no offense but we all believe the same god, we believe in the same old stories, yet we kill each other because our beliefs aren’t completely the same. It isn’t what god wanted, it isn’t what the prophets and messiahs wanted, this is purely human corruption and human sin dressed in the cloth of religion.

    2. King Dark Говорит

      صدقني التاريخ يعيد نفسه
      لولا ايماني بالله لظننت انه امر حتمي
      سيسقطو وسننهض يوما ما ولكن بالدم والحقد والعدل سنعود ونجعل الجميع يخضع لإرادة خالقه
      حتماَ سيشهدها احفادنا ، بقيادة المهدي وعيسى المسيح عليهم السلام

    3. Lindsey Eads Говорит


    4. Manluas Говорит

      This Comment hits hard ?

  16. Angie Ball Говорит

    Powerful song. I truly believe that they killed her. She passed way to soon. RIP

  17. Emily Nixon Говорит

    This song, and the spirit of Dolores will always be in your head.

  18. Jerry Bonath Говорит

    Well noting beats the original. But this is the best cover ever:

    1. 2x109 Говорит

      They help transcend! But first we must meet our mother, the oceans — the earth. Just a fresh coat of paint! Thats all.

    2. 2x109 Говорит

      Poems arent the answer…
      how is this not news?

    3. 2x109 Говорит

      Stop looking forward to tweetng…and instead…focus on learning to fly instead.

    4. 2x109 Говорит

      Will look into this

    5. Azur D Говорит

      as a former teen when this song was released and won the MTV awards that year.. I agree with this statement.

  19. Полесский Говорит

    Best cover

    1. cat cat Говорит


    2. Tim Scheuermann Говорит

      Nah mileys caver was better.

    3. Bronwy Говорит


    4. Bronwy Говорит


    5. Fred Y Говорит

      The Cranberries

  20. Lil Reapz Говорит

    You really told a story, shared the pain. Perfect cover, she would be proud.

    1. eunuvreau Говорит

      @Zan Mirza i m sure you are brainwashed :)). And i m pretty sure you don t understand either what you tried to say, np, have a good one!

    2. Lil Reapz Говорит

      Someone needs to take your phone away you aren’t ready for the internet. You are the living representation of the cringy internet creep. Just so you don’t make yourself look stupid in the future. Open mindedness is about alot more than racism, which I wasn’t insinuiaiting. But defensiveness tells a obvious story. Get some help please.

    3. eunuvreau Говорит

      @Lil Reapz my friend its not about rationality :( just sounds bad i don t deny the message it ment to send!i hope it did good!and the ppl who claim it s a good song, most of them does it because of the respect!that guy it s not a good singer, be serious come on :p.

    4. Lil Reapz Говорит

      You too, hope you can become more open minded. Your favorite rockstars probably love this song and its intention.

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