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  1. Matheus Henrique Говорит

    Essa semana vi sobre a história da Dolores O’Riordan, uma história bem pesada, nunca sabemos o que cada um passa, é de se admirar essa grande artista e que esteja em um bom lugar !

    1. Emmanuel Marcel Favre Nicolin Говорит

      «the person who molested her was in a position of trust», I did not know before. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/11/13/the-cranberries-dolores-oriordan-sexual-abuse_n_4266603.html

  2. Муж на час Минск Говорит

    Я тогда в академию поступил и друга в армию провожали под эту песню? она эта песня была переходная как бы, к техно рэйву психолоджи и ночным клубам в моей жизни???

    1. Арьтьйомєй Астровскай Говорит

      @Siera Lopes «русскоговорящего уха».»русскоговорящей жьоппи».

    2. Максим Юдин Говорит

      @Александр Малышев жаль до небес

    3. Александр Малышев Говорит

      Мы в армии тоже слушали!Ностальгия! Жаль Долорес!

    4. 555 sss Говорит

      @Artem B это правда? если серьезно.

    5. Artem B Говорит

      песня это ответ на теракт в Англии, в результате которого погибли дети. причем тут твои ночные клубы

  3. Einar Askelsson Говорит

    Not many bands who sounds even better live than original recording. The Cranberries are on of them. A song for peace in Northern Ireland. R.I.P. Dolores. Always remembered. Are you listening folks in 2021?

    1. Muzzy Mc Говорит

      Seems like we need her again…….

    2. Eduardo Cuellar Говорит

      Always listening.

    3. Einar Askelsson Говорит

      @Annie B oh yes we are blessed Annie. Thank you 🙂

    4. Annie B Говорит

      Yep. Tonight I’ve been browsing youtube to see all the bands I never got to see live. We’re so blessed to have this now, I’ve been watching for hours- everyone from Styx, to RATM to these guys, SO many to watch!

    5. Tony Giancoli Говорит

      Always thought Dolores had the voice of an angel.

  4. Vlog18rodas Говорит

    RIP Dolores.

    1. 10u12 Говорит


    2. Charles Garon Говорит

      RIP in God

    3. Mantas Giedraitis Говорит

      she a WEAK, dead by drink WODKA to much /// she is a notthing — losser in this hard word+

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    5. Alessandra Alessandra Говорит


  5. Ged Mac Говорит

    What a great song! Still, on St Patrick’s Day 2021. RIP Dolores O’Riordan.

  6. SG Mn Говорит

    I Miss You Dolores ?? (7/4/2021)

  7. Kervin 78 Говорит

    вечная память до слез

  8. Raymond Fujii Говорит

    The crowd that has no cellphone blocking you. Just pure music

    1. merdacalcio Говорит

      @Spellwork It’s kind of crazy because it changed drastically over last few years. Attended a lot of jazz/world music shows at BAM and other places in NYC, in 2012-2015 it was kind of a known faux pa to have a phone out, and it slowly became a thing where everyone had one out before pandemic broke. It’s gone. We are never going to have a show without them going forward.

    2. Spellwork Говорит

      None forces people to use them during a show but people became morons.

    3. silverace08 Говорит

      dayum so true i almost forgot what life was like before we had those invasive intrusive insensitive cellphones floatin

  9. Bruno Albouze Говорит


    1. Oscar Familia Rincon Говорит

      True spoken

    2. Jose Luís Cabrera Говорит

      Que hermoso homenaje gracias

    3. Richard R Jacob Говорит

      Woah woah incredible cooking and incredible music!? Awesome

    4. Cody Ross Говорит


    5. Всяко Разно Говорит

      @Richard R Jacob заибись

  10. Bolat Myshbayev Говорит

    Уақыты біткесін, кетпегенде қалай болушы еді…..

  11. M CD Говорит

    The raw energy of this song could lift a rocket into orbit…….

    1. Mohit Saraff Говорит

      This deserves more likes

    2. Пётр Глазков Говорит

      In some way, it did. Not literally, of course.

    3. silverace08 Говорит

      wow that imagery though is spectacular i can really imagine it couldnt have been put any better to describe the feels

  12. Rodolfo Bonilla Говорит

    Buenísimos tiempos donde podías salir al concierto y tener contacto con la gente sin peligro de muerte…

  13. Rebecca Stout Говорит

    Gorgeous performance!!

    1. Rebecca Stout Говорит

      @ATalkingBadger LOL. He likes 50’s and 60’s rock. You’d think a parrot would love a good reggae beat, but not him. I’ve tried so much music with him. He really like Michael Jackson for a while. Now he ignores him. I cannot keep up with this dang birds likes and changes I swear.
      Wait… you know Onni??

    2. Cody Ross Говорит

      @Fridolin Straubinger I know that

    3. ATalkingBadger Говорит

      Was Onni rocking out to it?

    4. ATalkingBadger Говорит

      @555 sss we don’t care.

    5. Влад Смелый Говорит


  14. Cheryl Heatherington Говорит

    It’s tragic that the most talented and beautiful artists are troubled and leave this world all too soon

    1. Remy Говорит

      I totally appreciate what you are saying, however I would like to respectfully rephrase that in this way: a lot of people are struggling with illness and don’t get the right support when they need it. Artists are no different there. The only difference is when catastrophe hits, it’s in the public eye and we all hear about it. They aren’t troubled, they are ill and not supported correctly.

  15. Derick Lengwenus Говорит

    When you write a great song you only need to stand in front of that microphone.

    1. Anne Morgan Говорит

      That’s what the industry told her too, because they don’t like female bandleaders to keep their guitars. There’s a lot of pressure on female bandleaders when they’re signed to just be pretty and stop playing the electric guitar. Obviously, she did not give in. Why should she???

  16. facebackph Говорит

    RIP Ms. O’Riordan. You will always be in our hearts.

    1. Argie Kalas Говорит

      One of my favorite songs

  17. jen large Говорит

    Dad would have been 89 this year, he liked this song.

    1. Lorne S Говорит

      @Pravakar Jojo morning and you

    2. Abel Jadid Akbar Говорит

      God bless him

    3. Pravakar Jojo Говорит


  18. gomapeti Говорит

    That crowd…oh my god….amazing performance and wonderful audience

    1. Karine Gallelli Говорит


    2. Box Tunnel Говорит

      @zeba deee What’s the problem? A protest song about the Warrington bombings that killed two young children, how is this not wholesome?

    3. Vaako : Говорит

      Yeah and no fckn smartphones.

    4. Michael Murphy Говорит

      Life was beautiful before things started getting weird.

    5. Bren Somm Говорит

      Get chills every time I watch this. Rest In Peace, sweet angel ❤️

  19. tj vangarden Говорит

    What a woman, what a voice, what a tune, transcended all that was going on at the time. Stunning. Ireland should always be proud of her.

    1. Jamie Jones Говорит

      even though she’s gone Ireland should still be blessing her

    2. Endemo Говорит

      Thank you. ?

    3. Adriana Bezerra Говорит


  20. Antonio Matassa Говорит

    I love how she concentrates playing the guitar but it comes across as so natural. She, Dolores is a force of nature. She may be gone, but not to me. I’ve only discovered this on YouTube. Somehow, I missed all this growing up but what a talent and what a voice. Still alive to me.

    1. Come here Coward Говорит

      Legends don’t die, you’re absolutely right.

    2. Foodisgood That'sthetruth Говорит


    3. yeibar Mor Говорит

      Go to Ireland. They play this song in bars like sweet Caroline in weddings in the USA. It crazy and amazing how people sing this song at a bar

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