Primitive Technology: CRAFTING a Zombie Meat Harvester

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This zombie apocalypse survivor still finds time to share his crafting hobby with the world via YouTube.

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Chris Solita

54 Комментарии
  1. Ray Mak Говорит

    Those are high quality zombie meat

    1. I'm slowly fading Говорит

      god damnit why are you every where?????????????????????????????

    2. Helen Говорит

      I am tired

    3. Jackson Scott Говорит

      Why you on every video I watch

    4. วิเชียร รอดพร้อม Говорит


    5. Soviet Comrade Говорит

      Ray mak I find u like everywhere

  2. Ray Mak Говорит

    For some reason this is crazy addictive

    1. Adi Turabai Говорит




    3. Travis Wonton soup Говорит

      U so annoying

    4. Abdullah James Говорит

      @spidy you Don’t know. Ray always around video are comment. ???

    5. qwertty Говорит

      this guy again

  3. Mike Diva Говорит

    this is so good

    1. Popo Nat Говорит


    2. Sharon Foltz Говорит


    3. Sharon Foltz Говорит


    4. Sharon Foltz Говорит


    5. Chase the Master Говорит

      @ALAN GAMERS Hii

  4. Tractor Khmer Famer Говорит

    Your videos are amazing, all of your videos I watch from start to finish, I hope you make more new videos, thank you

    1. Sorl Lyna Говорит

      @wtrzgfchtdgrfgy Мир


    2. Lanh Lam Говорит


    3. Sahib İbrahimov Говорит


    4. Bedong singaraja Говорит

      @Euis Marlina iuklkh

    5. Dida Karagenova Говорит

      @wtrzgfchtdgrfgy Мир h

  5. Emu7 Говорит

    *aight, gotta tell my children that this is Minecraft 2.*

  6. machine machin Говорит

    I can’t believe he’s leaving! This is literally one of the best videos i ever seen on YouTube! Good luck in the Biz Clint

  7. Skywarped 33 Говорит

    This was way cooler than i thought it would be :O

    1. บรรพคน/ส/สส/ยใ-ยวะสะสดกบพฐียบ บรรจงการ Говорит

      @joker min 0(:

    2. Kick Man gaming Говорит

      Hey if guys don’t know zombie meat can infect the human ??
      And why he can’t eat animal rather than zombie

    3. Méé Víí Говорит

      @joker min យយយយផឳផផ

    4. Bosis S Говорит

      Its you skywarped you so cool youtuber

    5. Dok Doki Говорит


  8. Optimistic Говорит

    POV: You are in a mobile game ad.

    1. Jee An Говорит

      Yeah ??

    2. Hai Voai Говорит

      Gfis that
      oh good

    3. Vid Говорит


    4. احمد الطيب Говорит

      @Hai Voai ٣

  9. Loch The_Sharpie_Artist Говорит

    I srsly need to know how to actually build a camp like this lol

  10. TrueMOBSTER Говорит

    Corridor back with another killer video! ???

    1. Zahir Klinger Solis Говорит

      @Haunted Eres estúpido y nadie te puede

    2. ณัชชา ช่อฟ้า Говорит

      @Juan Almachiandmvpeuq

    3. Mama Papa Говорит


    4. Gately Jan Говорит


      WA . 3

    5. Nicoleta Spiridon Говорит


  11. Andrea Parks Говорит

    I love primitive technology, ima bout to look this guy up

    1. Hai Voai Говорит

      Ffis that
      oh good

  12. H I Говорит

    This man know how to craft a laptop fromthe stone age ?

  13. bryan thompson Говорит

    That ending caught me off guard. Just gets S L A P P E D.

  14. Iker Chavez Говорит

    His face in the thumbnail? and who whould want to eat zombie meat

  15. Touch Me Говорит

    I was waiting for Sam to slap Clint with meat. That would’ve been hilarious

  16. Skylander Говорит

    This editing skill are insane ?

  17. Zanuk Говорит

    Who else watched this with CC on? It gives the dudes thoughts and story XD never knew

  18. TheSilentHacker Говорит

    Imagine the reduced human effort if reality really worked this way

  19. محمد قنيشي - Mohamed Gnichi Говорит

    Nothing :
    *My mind after 5 hours of watching random videos on youtube :*
    Click on this one it seems interesting

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