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  1. weapondragon Говорит

    I got a speeding ticket while sitting in my desk chair.

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  2. Dead Meat Говорит

    I think most songs could benefit from robot backup drummers and dancers.

    1. Blitzø is fun Говорит

      Hey you guys covered some of Rob’s movies. I like how you make everything so upbeat compared to the brutal kills on screen

    2. fiorella madueno Говорит

      He did a video about rob zombie’s halloween maybe that is why he wanted to check out rob

    3. Rhy Говорит

      Sup james

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    5. No Land Beyond Говорит

      Kinda expected to see you here

  3. Mark Poitras Говорит

    Only Rob Zombie can take a metal song and turn it into a dance club hit.

    1. Liang Hetfield Говорит

      Dont forget babymetal too

    2. Cringe Clown Говорит

      Closer — Nine Inch Nails

    3. kanedgy the guy Говорит

      i know who is in your pfp, one question, why?

    4. Senpai Milkyy Говорит

      Im the 4,000th like. Im proud of myself. ?

    5. skintmule Говорит

      Is this metal? I’m old, I don’t know. I like the song.

  4. ghostboy Говорит


    the history channel at 2am:

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    4. Karios Говорит

      Underrated comment

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  5. Hunter Knox Говорит

    What effects would you like on the vid
    Rob zombie: Yes

    1. Emmanuel Rossi Говорит

      How many «stop with this shitty joke» do you want?

    2. Emmanuel Rossi Говорит

      Underrated comment.

    3. NotSoGreatPlays Говорит

      @jk1276 yea my mom and dad used to watch lots of rock and roll, electric music, and dubstep music but now my dad listens to some political songs and some of the songs he used to listen to while my mom started to slowly drift into a full dubstep and electric music fan.

    4. Joshua Stevenson Говорит

      Yooo 1,100th like???‍♂️

    5. DAKOTA LEE Говорит

      @slackerJack777 same here lol

  6. DaFuq!?Boom! Говорит

    Aquaman looks awesome.

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    2. King Kota Говорит

      @rayn 91 its a joke

    3. Sodapop Curtis Говорит

      Damn right

    4. Тимур Тимофеев Говорит

      О, привет

    5. Amber Galway Говорит

      @Gonzalo Cancino he reminds me of lobo with a mix of undertaker (the wrestler during his prime as the cult priest dude…)

  7. Fatcat1301 Говорит

    Welcome back to “Random stuff your dad put on while your driving”

    1. Gabriella Page Говорит

      so true

    2. Efra S.V Говорит

      I wanna be this type of dad someday

    3. Mark Perry Говорит

      Random? The Matrix was random? Jesus. Quite possibly the best soundtrack ever put together for the top movie of the century.

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    5. gracie mae Говорит

      this is literally why i came here to watch this ?

  8. Depressed Kid Говорит

    0:54 When your mom lets you push the shopping cart

    1. roger akers Говорит

      For real

    2. g0reC0re • Говорит

      Y e s

    3. Darth Ethanator Говорит

      When you’re pushing a floor scrubber machine and you’re drifting.

    4. frankie_c0cuzza Говорит

      Very true

    5. Dahmerxx Говорит

      Only 1 like to go

  9. This Boi Loves P!nk Говорит

    Y’all really just let me sleep on Rob Zombie for like 20 years?

    1. Mark Perry Говорит

      Did you see The Matrix? If not you should.

    2. This Boi Loves P!nk Говорит

      @P H Never saw the Matrix

    3. P H Говорит

      Dude, did you not see the Matrix and wonder wtf the club song was in the first 20min?

    4. Jake The Adventurer Говорит

      It’s been 19 years for me.

    5. John Mac Говорит

      Mushroom head

  10. Monica Ledger Говорит

    I swear to god if this starts getting called a “tiktok song”

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    2. king j Говорит

      Forget this they did it to disasterpiece

    3. Mariane Curilan Говорит

      this is remixed with another song on tiktok, and it’s pretty damn popular. So sad to say it has become one of the «tiktok songs». I guess a good thing is that this song was recognized by more listeners, I guess..?

    4. XxAsher WolfxX Говорит

      It’s starting to get called it I found it on TikTok and people are calling it a TikTok song

    5. Yankee Rose Говорит

      Lmao then a bunch of gen zs would be exposed to good music

  11. Dutchwhore Говорит

    Me the entire song: djdixixdjdk

    1. DJ Handy Говорит

      @Juliia -,- lol yeah those are the lyrics

    2. Juliia -,- Говорит

      weren’t the lyrics ” I slam in the back of my Dragula “ ?

    3. DJ Handy Говорит

      Lol yeah thats me

    4. Ethanos 69 Говорит

      *slam in the back*

    5. Gerald Derleth Говорит

      Goddamnit, so true ?

  12. THIS DUDE Говорит

    0:54 imagine Rob Zombie being your uber.

    1. 1 1 Говорит

      Yes please?

    2. Anon Говорит

      HELL YA!!!!

    3. MadMan731 Говорит

      I’d tell him I loved Lords of Salem.

    4. Homer Simpson Говорит

      Honestly it wouldn’t be bad

    5. abktiliam abktiliame Говорит

      i don’t see any problem whit that

  13. White Mint Говорит

    I still can’t understand how he pronounces Dragula like that…

    1. Homer Simpson Говорит

      He says it like draculay

    2. GypsyFairy85 Говорит

      @Unnatural Disaster That looks like The Munsters Koach Car. It had room for entire family. The Dragula was small.

    3. P H Говорит

      I’ve listened to and vageuly sung this song for almost 20 years and just now found out that’s what that lyric was

    4. im rory Говорит

      @stepsis bella not rly

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  14. Thicc Hicks Говорит

    I didn’t know Rasputin was an industrial metal singer

    1. Misorisoup Говорит

      I wish I could go back before I read this so I wouldn’t have to think about it

    2. Thicc Hicks Говорит

      @depre yes, it is

    3. depre Говорит

      “I can never die” is one of the lyrics soooo it’s confirmed??

    4. The Demon Of Razgriz Говорит

      I can’t get this out of my head-


    5. Gabriel Ortiz Говорит


  15. Prince Coda Leviathan Говорит

    Others: «I had a dream about marrying my crush!»
    My dreams:

    1. Rob Uzi marilyn LMAO Говорит


    2. Homer Simpson Говорит

      That’s funny

    3. Parmezan67 Говорит

      your dreams are awesome

    4. DAKOTA LEE Говорит

      @Depressed Yoshi no help for you. my dreams are worse

    5. Kyle Rake Говорит

      i dont dream at all XD

  16. Sophie Sjodin Говорит

    Moment of silence for people who haven’t found this yet

    1. Alfie Shepherd Говорит

      How does a moment of silence help them? Crank the volume up that will help

    2. Devon Merccado Говорит

      Except tiktokers

    3. Mace Vace Говорит

      My dad passed away and he used to always play this song when i was a kid. No one knew what I was talking about when i tried to describe the beat. Finally found it two years after his death

    4. Anr Burj Говорит

      It take me almost 15 years to find this track and thanx Matrix i have finally found it!

  17. MyChemRomanceLover X Говорит

    When you get first place in Kahoot:

    1. MyChemRomanceLover X Говорит

      @Emmanuel Rossi I’m not complaining-

    2. Emmanuel Rossi Говорит

      Why is everybody complaining about Kahoot?!

    3. Homer Simpson Говорит


    4. MyChemRomanceLover X Говорит

      @Let’s Burn Down Hot Topic Aye thx!

    5. Let's Burn Down Hot Topic Говорит

      Y E S
      btw love your pfp

  18. • A Problematic Winchester • Говорит

    Me being a 14 year old and loving this song:

    *a somewhat good childhood*

    1. Patrick’s Fence Говорит

      Bass Man true

    2. Bass Man Говорит

      Why do people care about others age. I like this song and if you do too, good. Not tryna be mean its just people of all ages can like all types of music.

    3. Nives Merkovic Говорит

      Same hahaha

    4. • A Problematic Winchester • Говорит

      @Patrick’s Fence g o o d c h i l d h o o d

    5. Patrick’s Fence Говорит

      Damn I’m 12 an I’m listening to this song

  19. Wutaii1 Nostalgia Говорит

    This song was huge when I was in High School. Love House of 1000 corpses also.

    1. Desarae Говорит


    2. Tyr, Lord Of Light Говорит

      @Sevanity Ayte Explains alot.

    3. Sevanity Ayte Говорит

      @Tyr, Lord Of Light advertisement scheme. I see this guy everywhere.

    4. Tyr, Lord Of Light Говорит

      How do you get so much likes in 1 day???

  20. Alex Edmondson Говорит

    Imagine if you call a taxi and Rob Zombie shows up

    1. ? Говорит

      @s3all_ Not to forget that we’re also gonna burn through the witches in the back of his Dragula.

    2. s3all_ Говорит

      We’re gonna dig through the ditches I guess ?

    3. Draconickid38 Говорит

      WELP we goin for one Hell of a ride and i am ALL for it

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