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  1. TheCranberriesTV Говорит

    «We are so delighted with the news that Zombie has reached 1 Billion views on YouTube! ? We are sure Dolores has a big, proud smile on her face too.
    Thank you so much to all our fans around the world for supporting us over so many years.
    Hopefully you are all safe and well in this bizarre time and managing to find some hope and positivity in our music.» ❤️
    — Fergal Lawler

    1. Peter Cyr Говорит

      Peace and Love. Thanks for making me feel again…

    2. Dhardy Говорит

      496th comment

    3. Terri Hargreaves Говорит

      Thankyou for creating such an amazing song, I show this to my children and its one of their favourite, of course I educate them on the history and the reason for this song, children need to know what a corrupt world we live in

    4. Catherine Simonian Говорит

      @Neckrouf mmm

    5. Ярослав Лаган Говорит

      My congratulations with 1b views from Russia! Love Dolores and all what she made. Cry while’s looking video over and over again.

  2. TheCranberriesTV Говорит

    Help us get Zombie to a billion views!
    Achieving this milestone will make «Zombie» the first ever music video by an Irish band to reach one billion views on YouTube, taking its place in a select group of iconic rock music videos released before 2003 to hit that mark, including Queen’s «Bohemian Rhapsody» and Guns N’ Roses’ «November Rain.»

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    3. Angel DMZ Говорит

      Momey or isnt momey? S$$$$ i hope that you are not profiting with the deat of doolores

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    5. mekarerush Говорит

      Btw, the song got 1B

  3. Амидао Говорит

    Насколько это ахуенно слушать такую порядочную музыку в 2021!

  4. Indigoat555 Говорит

    Fun fact: the vocal theme she’s using is known as “keening”. They use it in Ireland to mourn their dead at funerals.

    1. Aaron Говорит

      @hit man bang it does have a bit of a deeper message about «the troubles» a violent period of bombings in ireland when the ira went to war to try to free ireland and the north and south split but she definitely intended to pay tribute to the two innocent children killed

    2. Aaron Говорит

      @hit man bang no really she’s confirmed this herself and the band has established it,even the father of one of the victims was told this,it’s a tribute to Jonathon Ball and Tim Parry who died in the warrington bombing

    3. hit man bang Говорит

      @Aaron it was a tribute for Ireland’s 1916 rising actually

    4. hit man bang Говорит

      @Elias Gonzalez you do realise this song was written about te Irish struggling oppression. It’s about 1916 Ireland. 1916 rising get your fact rights. So many people died this song was written specifically to reflect on that time

    5. Aaron Говорит

      scotland voted and asked for the rights to their own oil and the prime minister laughed in their face
      question: «60% of scotts think that oil revenue should go to scotland does the prime minister agree»
      answer: **laughs** «ask a stupid question and get a stupid answer»
      they’re so cavalier about owning other nations’ wealth and threatening that if you try to go to war with them america will back them up and they’ve used it to rob LOTS of people,the days of colonialization are over england lost in every country they tried to overtake but still managed to steal as much wealth as they could,even the crown jewels belong to india

  5. VITDIV SHOW Говорит

    R.I.P. She is best…

    1. Smeagolknows Говорит

      True rip

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    3. niko_aliyevaa Говорит

      Shett. I’m rlly sad?

    4. pieseł Говорит

      Yeas ?

    5. pieseł Говорит


  6. Ricky ngatiri Говорит

    A moment of silence for those who have not yet discovered this hit

    1. TheJackal917 Говорит

      It’s difficult to believe that there is a rock fan for whom this song is not among the most favourite. No way in hecc. Plus, personally speaking, this song was the first song in foreign language I heard, back in 1995. Sorta special love from me, popped my foreign muaic cherry.

    2. Tapout Nick Говорит

      @burek 123 yea this prolly ain’t in nobody recommended lol

    3. Icneo Говорит

      I’m pretty sure it’s about The Troubles but I could be wrong

    4. Icneo Говорит

      Its definitely about The Troubles

    5. burek 123 Говорит

      It’s about war in bosnia (I’m bisnian so it hits hard)

  7. Alejandra Alarcon Говорит

    If you’re still hearing this song in 2021, you’re a legend ???

    1. matthew mordi Говорит

      With love from Nigeria

    2. Sarah King Говорит

      2021 yesss

    3. Owen Ingram Говорит

      I just did

    4. Ghassan Radwan Говорит

      Thank you, you’re a legend yourself too!

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  8. Bryan murillo Говорит

    this song is for life and eternity

    1. ASMR BULLY Говорит

      pinoy ?

    2. Edimara Adams Haab Говорит

      Yes, yes, yes♥️

    3. zebraspot69 Говорит

      same bro..

  9. Maxilom Iyiessa con Говорит

    After 11 years ago today it’s still famous

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    2. burek 123 Говорит

      They made 30 years ago

    3. burek 123 Говорит

      @Harry Girgin about war

    4. Harry Girgin Говорит

      This is more then 11 years old. It’s a 90’s song. It’s like 27 years old.

  10. shadowseeker Говорит

    Still the same goosebumps now as to the very first time I heard it when it came out … songs that mean so much will always be legend

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  11. Amin Говорит

    Too much love for The Irish people from Morocco ?????✌

  12. Marianne Hill Говорит

    As a teenager I loved the Cranberries, as an adult I hear the real message of this song. I hope we do not go backwards, Rest in Peace Delores, you were better than any of us x

    1. Bob Loblaw Говорит

      @dima m zombie

    2. ItsXscape Говорит

      @paul s ,  remember what the English did?

    3. dima m Говорит

      @paul s , British started that mess hundreds years ago Irish should not have been invaded .

  13. Charlene Henderson Говорит

    you know its a good song when people are still listening to this for 11 years

    1. Nancy Nolan Говорит

      This woman’s voice and the song are both incredible, I am very sorry she left us. Luckily I grew up in New Orleans, so I have been exposed to awesome music my entire life. I am not, nor have ever been, a music snob. Thru out my years, I have adored, saw and/or listened to Dean Martin, Frank, Louie Prima, Sammy, Patsy Cline, George Straight, Waylon, Johnny, Irma Thomas, Etta James, David Bowie, The Stones, Fleetwood Mac, The Moody Blues, ROD STEWART, Bon Jovi, Bacon Bros, Patty Lapone, The Nevilles, Trombone Shorty, WEEZER, etc etc etc. Life is MUSIC. Take care and be safe!

    2. Armando Reyna Говорит

      Since it came out. Awesome song

    3. Anthony Dominguez Говорит

      @cuki-Face I’m American and I know how old this song is and listened to this alot in the 90s. So what’s your comment provoking?

    4. burek 123 Говорит

      30 years old

    5. burek 123 Говорит

      @Megan killian it’s year years old

  14. nyancya192 Говорит

    I can’t get this song OUT OF MY HEAD

    1. Ahmed Говорит

      @Why Me lol

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  15. Wutaii1 Nostalgia Говорит

    This used to be on MTV long ago….when MTV actually played music

    1. brandee Williamson Говорит

      now its ridiculousness 24/7

    2. A - Plays Говорит

      As a metal listener, this song is really good. I always a appreciate a frontmen who can sing and play at the same time.

    3. ロック・リー Говорит

      ​@Selfless Resurrection .-.

    4. Longest Schlong Говорит

      Nobody cares

  16. Charles Cooper II Говорит

    I didn’t need youtube or anything else…I jammed this song as soon as it came out, the earth lost a soulful angel with the passing of Dolores. I hope she is at peace.

    1. San Dee Говорит

      ahead of her time with this song

    2. Josh Duarte Говорит

      So what a bunch of people did. This was a huge hit worldwide.

    3. Charles Cooper II Говорит

      @Adam GL GC Screw you, hope you get all you deserve…

    4. Charles Cooper II Говорит

      @Hacer I cried, I cried for her,…She was in London to reunite with band and do recordings. Her music will live downhere for a good while, but I know she making new stuff up stairs…A very blessed soul

    5. Adam GL GC Говорит

      R.I.P rubber chicken sounding person.

  17. Mikołaj Bieliński Говорит

    *RIP* *Singer* *Dolores* *Orrdian* *Legend* *Never* *Die* *.*

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  18. Jack SPRY Говорит

    RIP the two members of The Cranberries
    Dolores O’Riordan (September 6, 1971 — January 15, 2018), aged 46
    Danny DeMarchi (November 28, 1962 — May 15, 2020), aged 57
    You both will always be remembered as one of the greats and legends.
    The Cranberries needs to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Who agrees?

    1. Alejandra Alarcon Говорит

      Me!! ??❤️

    2. C Bfour Говорит

      Right on hall of fame for sure.

    3. Nagika_Komatsu Говорит

      oh my god, i never knew danny died
      rest in piece to
      and yes i agree

    4. Цикада Говорит

      @Kieran Czyzniejewski Cancer

    5. Kieran Czyzniejewski Говорит

      May 2020? Damn, did COVID get him?

  19. Nastja .__. Говорит

    This song always was, is, and will be legendary.. 2021 where are y‘all? ???

    1. Richard Harley Говорит

      With you

    2. Richard Harley Говорит

      With you

    3. Kevin Говорит

      ?? 1 x 7 ?? ?

    4. Kevin Говорит

      Alemanha, o País da guerra

    5. dragonlord1 Говорит


  20. idk Говорит

    Another head hangs lowly
    Child is slowly taken
    And the violence caused such silence
    Who are we mistaken?
    But you see it’s not me
    It’s not my family
    In your head, in your head
    They are fighting
    With their tanks and their bombs
    And their bombs and their guns
    In your head, in your head
    They are crying

    In your head, in your head
    Zombie, zombie, zombie
    What’s in your head, in your head
    Zombie, zombie, zombie

    Another mother’s breaking heart
    Is taken over
    When the violence causes silence
    We must be mistaken
    It’s the same old theme since 1916
    In your head, in your head
    They’re still fighting
    With their tanks and their bombs
    And their bombs and their guns
    In your head, in your head
    They are dying

    In your head, in your head
    Zombie, zombie, zombie
    What’s in your head, in your head
    Zombie, zombie, zombie

    1. Yuvaraj Pugazhenthi Говорит

      Thank you so much

    2. Amy Coburn Говорит

      With their tanks and their bombs and their drones and their guns

    3. 蘇睿慶 Говорит


    4. ꧁idk ˈ⃢ˈ⃢ˈ⃢➊ ᕱཉྀ༊᪥୨୧ Говорит

      you are a legend

    5. XmanSully Говорит

      Thank you

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