Zombie Escape! Parkour POV Chase ?

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While searching for a missing teammate, two survivors find themselves in an intense zombie parkour chase. Experience the POV of the hero, escape from the hordes of zombies and run the rooftops. The entire world has fallen into darkness. You'll have to be smart, tough and courageous to survive.

This video was sponsored by 'Last Empire War Z', a mobile strategy game about zombies, resource management and growing your own empire. They gave us complete creative freedom to make the coolest zombie video possible and we hope you’ve enjoyed what we produced!

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Directed by Scott Bass —

Produced by Ampisound

POV Hero — Toby Segar

Lead Female Survivor — Fizz Hood

Parkour Athletes
Benj Cave, Max Cave, Alex Potts, Joe Scandrett & Will Sutton

Survivor on the floor — Uosof Ahmadi

Van Survivors — Shane Griffin & Aslan Steel

Makeup — Holly Judd & Clare Jennifer Hannon

Assistant Makeup — Claire Cartwright

First AD — Zak Harney

First AC — Austin Phillips

Production Assistant — Andrew David Fisher

Edit & Colour by Scott Bass

Visual Effects by Alex Potts & Scott Bass

Original Score by Pauli Hausmann

Sound Design by Scott Bass

Sound Mix by Paul Maunder

Special thanks to
The SociallyPowerful Team
Greg Rudman
Chris Baker
Adrian Pueyo
Jerome the Drone

Shot on the GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition

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  1. Aaron Esser Говорит

    Seriously good stuff!

    1. Kuroiwa Marygrace Говорит

      @BT wolly p

    2. Daniela Juarez Говорит


    3. Daniela Juarez Говорит

      7 AÑIOA

    4. Daniela Juarez Говорит


    5. Daniela Juarez Говорит

      @avril snagg yu

  2. Olivia Lewis Говорит

    I feel bad about the lady she was helping him but she got taken and he try to help her 🙁

    1. Marklean Alexander Belen Говорит

      Its not real ok

    2. Marklean Alexander Belen Говорит

      @Carsyn Heath but it look cool right

    3. Marklean Alexander Belen Говорит

      @Carsyn Heath yea it just fake then how he is still alive

    4. Carsyn Heath Говорит

      Its fake though?

    5. Sukumark Vanimel Говорит


  3. GoPro Говорит

    Sweaty palms… check! Elevated heart rate… check! Pulse… check, phew! Well done Ampisound. #GoPro

    1. Danubia ribeiro Говорит

      @Michael Blake uryejrtjegfdhgdgjdgdjggdhfzzgdgfdytdudtsytsusydydytdhddthdreyhe

    2. Danubia ribeiro Говорит


    3. Danubia ribeiro Говорит

      6dufcuxccn j

    4. MystiRaingo Говорит

      WOW REAL

  4. Itz Stoneツ Говорит

    I legit said in my mind «Wait i don’t remember clicking a movie» but then realized i was watching a video-

  5. ???? Говорит


  6. Darkfuzzy bubble Говорит

    This is only 4 years old, I thought it was way older!!!

  7. Mileyka Rosero Говорит

    Este es el único mensaje en Español,No sabía que los zombies tambíen hacían parkur???

    1. Mr_FKD noob xD RT Говорит

      Marco mi infancia:)

    2. ARIEL CAMBA Говорит

      @sasuke Não cara ??

    3. sasuke Говорит

      ¿habla portugués?

    4. DANIELA GALAXY Говорит

      Por un momento sentí como si realmente yo estuviera corriendo por mi vida ??

    5. Susan roblox gamer Говорит



    If zombies were running like this i wouldn’t last outside for 24 hours

    1. hashafasha Говорит

      @prerapture2021 found the dumbass

    2. prerapture2021 Говорит



    3. Gianna Говорит

      @hashafasha finally someone who gets me

    4. Abril Lopez Говорит

      Omg i love train to busan

    5. Is Distinct Говорит

      @Gianna ur not a loser ❤️ Jesus loves you

  9. †DylanR† Говорит

    I remember watching this when I was younger, They had to put their lifes on the line but jumping off of buildings and looking back at the actors at the same time, damn..

    1. Jac0b278 Говорит


    2. Just some guy with a black hat Говорит

      Same ?

  10. Gabriely Говорит

    E é com esse vídeo q eu percebi q eu morreria no primeiro dia de apocalipse ?

  11. No LimitS Говорит

    4 years has passed and my heart’s still racing when watching this. Still asking how the hell those zombies can parkour.

    1. Sonal Bamaniya Говорит

      These zombies r those
      Who knew Parlour when they were humans ???

    2. Kyle plays Roblox 101 Говорит

      No LimitS it’s probably cuz they ate the brains of other parkour masters lol

    3. Coco Puffs Говорит

      It’s some thing called fake

    4. Rkhansa Manabilang Говорит

      I know right

    5. Ayesha Khan Говорит

      @Brynn Red they’re 🙂

  12. Six Говорит


  13. Ximena angarita palacio Говорит

    Me: i cant do parkour

    Zombies:the most easy thing of my dead life

  14. MR FUPPU Говорит

    everyone gangsta until zombies start d0oing parkour

    1. Inferno_Fanatic Говорит

      Stfu fortnite

    2. prerapture2021 Говорит



    3. Kat Говорит


    4. bigboi gaming and more Говорит

      Do a flip

    5. MR FUPPU Говорит

      @bigboi gaming and more yea lol

  15. Anime Lover Говорит

    Can we appreciate how long it probably took to make this

  16. Sean Bailey Говорит

    I thought she was gonna cover him. The first zombie disappeared and attacked him

  17. Infinity Ricardo 0_0 Говорит

    Pov: It is year 2022 the covid tests were a failure and everyone turned into zombies

    1. prerapture2021 Говорит



    2. T M Говорит


    3. Danubia ribeiro Говорит


    4. Sean Bailey Говорит

      And the unvaccinated children and toddlers are alive

    5. dafael vianta666 Говорит


  18. Skylar Breeze Говорит

    When you see the zombies do parkour: ???

  19. Bunny_Girl Говорит

    Everyone: This is scary!
    Me: These Zombies know park our!

    1. ทองมา ทิพประมวล Говорит

      ??P. S. o

    2. Noob_sausage Говорит

      @Kaleb / COMMUNISM!

    3. Tudleyn Говорит


    4. Prabesh rai Говорит

      @Ashleigh Rosie Red this feels like ur a kid

    5. Kaleb / Говорит

      Park our?

  20. fish guts Говорит

    If there’s a real zombie apocalypse and they can run and jump like this, imma just give up on life.

    1. Damian Mendez Говорит

      If it’s not like the walking dead and like resident evil imma say bish I’m to old for this crap

    2. Kyle Finn Говорит

      Have you ever played L4D?

    3. prerapture2021 Говорит



    4. Blizzard Говорит

      I can jumping to another building and zombies tripping while they try to jump to that building

    5. Grifo Cold Говорит

      @Kimberly Allgood rude.
      Have you met a zombie?

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